Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools

We are a student-led organization dedicated to amplifying student voices and engaging students in educational activism.
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JOIN US APRIL 24! #cpsboycott

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When poet Malcolm X. London spits that “the educated aren’t necessarily the educated,” he’s referring to the inequalities of the public school system. The18-year-old Lincoln Park High School senior argues that our “failing” schools are actually succeeding at what he says is their real purpose: Preparing young people for a future that mimics the problems and contradictions of society as a whole. “My high school is Chicago,” he recites. “Diverse and segregated on purpose.”

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A group of Chicago high school students plans to boycott part of next week’s state exam, because they’re upset with how their results are being used.

They said it’s unfair to judge whether their schools are good or not based on one test. (Chicago Public Schools uses a complicated formula to judge performance, but more than half of the possible points are based on parts of the PSAE)


Support the Chicago Students Organizing to Save our Schools on a student-led city-wide Boycott on April 24TH (2ND Day of PSAE) to send the message to Rahm Emanuel and CPS Board of Education- that CPS students are Under-resourced, Over Tested, and Fed UP! Now is the time to fight for what is right! CSOSOS is calling on all Chicago Students to fight for our schools!

STUDENTS! You have the right to make up the PSAE for free on or before May 8 and return to school without retaliation.

Your school should NOT punish you for anything (other than possibly an unexcused absence, Student Code of

Conduct p. 22). If they try, you have the right to…

- Get the reason for discipline in writing, including the exact infraction (SCC p. 4, 10)

- Have your parent/guardian appeal your suspension to the Network chief. (SCC p. 13)

- Make-up any schoolwork missed during a suspension (SCC p. 14-15)

Click Here to access the Know Your Rights PSAE Boycott Resources. This includes a sample parent permission letter.

The time is now! We are sick of standardized tests that are used to evaluate our schools, teachers, principals, students, etc. Support this boycott! Stand up for what is right!